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9 11 01

Konrad Sheehan
Wax, Pigment & Resin
3x5 feet
Item No. :

This, an encaustic piece which is #1 in a series of 4, is entitled 9 11 01. Encaustic is a 3000 year technique utilizing melted wax, pigment and demure resin. Jasper Johns successfully reintroduced this technique to the world in the 50's. Since the wax is applied while in its melted state, it begins to dry while it is being applied. The result is a highly textured finish that responds wonderfully to different angles of light. Needless to say, the pixel size you are currently viewing does not fully represent the texture. Therefore, for a more accurate portrayal of 9 11 01, please contact Konrad Sheehan at:


A further description of 9 11 01 is as follows:

  • This piece (which is #1 of 4) represents the American Flag. (an ode to Jasper Johns)
  • Each piece is 3’x5’; it is encaustic, brass and wood on reinforced canvass.
  • The 50 stars are re-arranged to spell 9 11 01.
  • The 11 in 9 11 01 represents the World Trade Center towers.
  • Each tower has 11 stars to represent the following:
    • a) the 11th day of September; and
    • b) each star represents 10 stories of each tower for 110 stories.
  • The 9th star in the “left or north” tower has been altered to represent where the plane entered the tower.
  • The 8th star in the “right or south” tower has been altered to represent where the plane entered the tower.

Keywords: Konrad Sheehan
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