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, Kerry Parker
, Don Jusko
, Marek Kacki
, E.E. Hlavka
, Susan Spencer
, Greg Gronowski
, Richard Garriott-Stejskal
, Colleene Daugherty
, Marlies Najaka
, Temple Lee Parker
, Richie Goodwin
, Lee Zasloff
, Jody Harmon
, Andrew Keplinger
, William Barkin
, Isabella Ritschl
, Robert Roberg
, Enos Venturi
, Sheila Barrera
, Mercedes F. Whalen
, Deborah Bell
, Mary Lou Torbick
Brooklyn, Alvin Tapia
Deerwood, Rebekkah Shrimplin
Euless, Anne Dixon Leding
Grannis, Cheryl L. Dau
Knoxville, Garry L. Taylor
Lago Vista, Sondra Kay Neiman
Philadelphia, Colleen Corbet
Philadelphia, Rah Crawford
Philadelphia, Geoffery Dimasi
Singapore, Noel Corpus
Singapore, Kim-Liong Teo
Stockport, Doug Lowe
Sunnyvale, Dorothy M. Danforth
Thousand Oaks, David Gallup
Toronto, Carol Rath
Vernal, Trina Strong
Wachapreague, Val Marten


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