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Alvin Tapia Brooklyn
I consider myself a study, that is to say that all of life is an inspiration. I am especially interested in creating a painting that will invoke an emotion or feeling from the viewer. The emotion I am aiming to summon is that of serenity, happiness and peace. Our world today is filled with so much turmoil and anxiety any small moment captured to savor is a true gem.

Each viewer interprets their own very personal picture, rarely do two people view a piece in exactly the same way. I believe this to be the beauty of Art.

I work with knowledge given to me by my Mentor and Instructors, these are the tools with which one must build. Building is usually a combination of many things coming together to complete a detail.

I am always perplexed by individuals that limit themselves to a realist eye. Why confine onself and put such limitations to view the world? One must take life vigorously and expand the mind with exposure to many things. Provoking thought, discussion, and broadening ones senses and realization of styles.

Cezanne and Mattisse have given me great inspiration. I also look to Georgia O'Keeffe, Marsden Hartley and others. I enjoy seeing life through their canvases and hope to convey similarily.

My Mentor Maud Hénon took special care in exposing me to many styles and techniques, but always taught with the iron clad methods of the old world. She said "to be a success, one must do so with the proven tools". I appreciate that now because it forced me to understand the finesse of accomplishing certain details, therefore enabling be to utilize, expand, and refine a tool for my own use.

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