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Rebekkah Shrimplin Deerwood
I am a self-taught Christian portrait artist born in Aberdeen, SD, 1975. I grew up with artistic surroundings because my father was an experimenting landscape artist in my early childhood. I have had experience working with oils, pastels, charcoal, and other media, but my abilities seemed to gravitate toward drawing and most definitely toward life and people. Although I am an introvert by nature, I am still somewhat of a people person, and I am really not satisfied unless that is incorporated into my life's work.

Many people might enjoy the nostalgic appeal that my works tend to have. With each piece I hope to create the atmosphere for personal reflection upon life and humanity. People from all walks of life will find my art to provide treasured memories of those loved ones that are so dear to the heart. I hope that you will find my art to be inspiring and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but mostly, I hope that you will find it meaningful.

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