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Carol Rath Toronto
ON , Canada
I have been working at becoming a professional artist for about 10 years now. My medium is acrylic on canvas. Prior to visiting New Mexico, my paintings were largely driven by the interplay between color and shape, and the optical sensations that these could generate. I found the high deserts of the Southwest, and in particular those of northern New Mexico provided a unique venue for these explorations. The simple and overwhelming grandeur of the land - no wonder New Mexico is called the land of enchantment - has now become an intregal part of my paintings, and of my person. Since moving away from Colorado, I now make annual pilgrimages to area around Taos, to recharge my batteries and keep my visions alive and fresh. In the field I generally only do sketches. My most satisfying work is done in the quiet isolation of my studio in Toronto where the images become clearer.The most exciting moment is when a simple design or format seems to crystallize - each time this happens I am filled with energy and excitement.

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