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Doug Lowe Stockport
, U.K.
Profile of Doug Lowe, the Artist.

I was born in a country full of colour and colourful people - South Africa. My eyes have always been excited by colour; colour and people.

I see people as colour, not in the literal sense but being colours and forms which express their personalities and actions and moods. My challenge through my art is to express people more fully and deeply by the extra dimension of colour.

My art has evolved from abstract through to realism. I call my art "New Realism", because that is what it is. It is not ordinary realism but a greater, more impactful realism. I am self taught and something of a loner, which is not helpful when one is trying to make a name for oneself. It appears that I have talent - other people think so. If I did not, I certainly would not paint.

I believe that it is the job of the artist to preserve the reality of our times for posterity. It follows therefore that I have little regard for the transient sensationalism of animal picklers, building shrouders and elephant dung defacers of good canvas.

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